Quiz and hurricane

A total of some £780 was raised on the night of the quiz of which nearly £175 is for the Opportunities Group. Thanks to the raffle, bar and donations, and an anonymous donor topping up the fund, we have also paid for a Shelterbox.

The Poundbury Rotary club had already planned their irregular quiz for Friday the 8th September, when on the morning of that day the true ferocity and damage because of the hurricane became clear. At the club’s breakfast meeting, it was resolved to use the proceeds of the raffle and the bar to try and buy a Shelterbox to support the work of providing shelter and water, plus other of life’s necessities to the people so badly affected.

One of the quiz questions was to determine what word could be used to describe the following three words, namely, ‘bed’, ‘run away’ and ‘nonsense’. The answer is of course, ‘bunk’. But nothing could be further from the word bunk than the results of the quiz (the proceeds going to the Opportunities Group of almost £190); but the raffle and bar, together with donations on the night, plus a very generous anonymous individual who made up the total to the £590 for a Shelterbox. The money was sent to Shelterbox within 24 hours, and will help up to ten people (or a couple of families) to have some temporary shelter and other facilities and water.

The club strives to provide help wherever it is needed, from local needs to global disasters, or development. As one of the world’s 34,000 clubs, and 20 of the 1.2 million Rotarians in over 200 countries, the club certainly holds its own. Whilst the club is always open to new membership, any prospective member needs to feel a part of the efforts to help others as well as enjoy a fun, and sometimes very rewarding membership. The club has a wide age range and membership base, and if anyone feels they have what it takes, just contact the club or any member. 

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