Outdoor Bowling

Thu 7th September 2017 at 18.00 - 19.00

Annual event at Northern Bowling Club Dunfermline

The bowling at Northern Bowling Club went ahead on Thursday 7 September after a last minute 'pitch inspection' following a day of heavy rain. 

Twenty three members of RCWF took part together with a couple of bowlers from Northern Bowling Club kindly making up the numbers.

The trophy was won by Fiona Spriddle, Greig Hill, and (Skip) Keith Brown - who were 11 shots up.  The Runners Up were Gladys Archibald, Linda Primrose, and (Skip) Alastair Durkie and they were 6 shots up. 

A good night of lawn bowling was had by all, and once again the Northern Bowling Club did us all proud.

(ALL fields required)