Lead Scotland in West Fife

Tue 17th October 2017 at 18.30 - 21.00

Gail Philips & Emma Whitelock will address the Club

The Club was pleased to host Emma Whitelock and Gail Philips as its guest speakers on the 10th October. Emma gave the presentation and was assisted by Gail.

Emma gave an enthusiastic outline as to what Lead Scotland was all about. She explai ned that the organisation was naturally split into two parts, namely Learning and Befriending. When disabled young people reach the age of 16, they are effectively cast adrift to fend for themselves and many are in need of help at this crucial stage, and Lead Scotland can step in to help. Emma explained that many disabled people may be stigmatised and learning programs can give them their confidence back and show that they are a useful part of society. There is generally no quick fix to this, so patience is required to work with the individual through these learning courses. The Befriending part of Lead Scotland aims to indentify adults and older people who may have become isolated in the community and to bring them together in a variety of groups to counteract their loneliness.

The vot was given on behalf of the club by Brian Mitchell, and Emma and Gail were presented with coasters, as part of the thanks for a most illuminating presentation.

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