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Cheltenham North Rotary Club

Social Events

Several visits to the Theatre are organised each year. In 2017 we have been to 'Nell Gwynne' and 'Our Man in Havana' at Malvern Theatre with dinner in the theatre restaurant beforehand.

In addition there has been a visit to Stratford for 'Anthony and Cleopatra' with dinner in a local restaurant. A further visit to Malvern is planned for later this year

Last year we went to a Johnny Coppins concert and to an outdoor performance of 'Carmen' at the Royal Agricultural College, with a picnic in the grounds.

There have been two garden parties this summer to which everyone was invited and most people were able to attend one of them.

In September many of us are going to Devon for three days for a walking holiday. In previous years we have been to Brussels and Lille on the Eurostar.

There is a 'ladies lunch' every month attended by female members of the Club and wives and widows of club members. We meet sometimes in a local restaurant and sometimes in a member's house.

Finally an annual Christmas Dinner for members and partners, in 2017 we were again at the Manor by the Lake. 

Over 60 Rotarians, Partners and Guests were present. We are grateful to the excellent arrangements made by Rosanne. 

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