AGM Convener Reports (Membership) April 2017

A summary of achievements during the current Rotary year

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As we approach the end of this current Rotary year we presently have a total membership of 38. This includes our honorary member, Brian Merrett.

This number will almost certainly reduce by one at the end of the year as I fully expect, despite a number of approaches by members, Jeremy Spurgeon’s will not renew his membership. The irony here being Jeremy’s business repairing clocks keeps him so busy he has no spare time.

I believe our club is in a much better situation re membership than a few years ago. This is borne out by the improved levels of attendance. I hope also that recent improvements in the quality of our meal and general standard of service will help encourage members to attend more regularly.

We have had our recruitment evening which was held this year on the 14th March, to which Keith, Ian, Robin P, Dave, Mark & Ewan invited respectively, Morag Carmichael, Keith Brown, June Geyer, Clive Cable, Tom Dodds & George Hawkins.

The feedback from our guests was that they enjoyed themselves and showed genuine interest in what we do and in the general ideals of Rotary.

However it’s fair to say they are all busy people, some already having commitments on Tuesdays. So perhaps some more work or a follow-up visit could be required before we see any of the aforementioned people joining our club.

In the meantime the proposing club members have been sent by email, copies of the Rotary Application Forms for handing on to their contacts.

(At this point can I ask the members who invited along guest on our recruitment evening if they think a letter in the form of an invitation from our President either to attend a normal club meeting or inviting them to join our club, might help move matters forward?)

So with the names of the aforementioned people and with the possibility of one or two more whose names have also been suggested, but were unable to attend on the night we could have, erring on the side of caution, somewhere between 4 or 6 potential new members.

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