A Tale of Two Parks

Wed 27th September 2017 at 12.50 - 14.00

Craigtoun Park and Kinburn Park

“The two parks of Craigtoun and Kinburn are very important to the Royal Burgh.”

So said Bill Sutherland in his talk to St Andrews Rotary Club.

Bill and his young family had created happy memories at Craigtoun. It was

considered then a ’Jewel in the crown’. 40 years later, Bill took grandchildren

and was appalled at the condition of the park. He wrote to the Citizen and that

led to a meeting in the Town Hall in February 2012 where Bill and many others

resolved to restore the park. Much had been achieved under the key leadership

of Kyffin Roberts and Doug Stephen. Now the park was delighting very many

people and this, said Bill, ‘warmed the heart’.

Bill has helped several organisations within the Burgh to thrive. One of these is

the little group of Tennis, Bowling and Putting Clubs adjacent to the Kinburn

Museum and Cafe close by the bus station. ‘Kinburn-All-Together Association’

was formed. Councillor Dorothea Morrison helpfully organised the design of a

children’s play area and sensory garden, and the Association raised £80,000 so

these facilities could be built. There would be a disabled facility including new

toilets. Bill foresaw families being hugely attracted and the area becoming a

major asset to St Andrews. The development had shown that cooperation could

achieve a great deal.

In thanking Bill for his talk, John Mitchell congratulated Bill upon his personal

contribution to the Royal Burgh.

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