Quiz for Home Start West Dorset

On Friday 13th January, we ran a quiz with the proceeds to a local charity helping young families.

What could be better than helping young families with very young children? And more to the point, the organisations that do this work are almost totally made up from volunteers, some who themselves were helped when they had young children.

They cost money to run, and inevitably in this day and age, it largely has to come from the volunteer sector – and without that sector, many organisations would flounder and fail. One of Rotary’s aims is to help society in many ways, and cash is just one, but Rotary must raise the money so needed from the public and what better way than to organise and event which gives people a good time, and a lot of fun and enjoyment. Home Start West Dorset is the beneficiary of the recent Poundbury Rotary quiz night, which saw a range of challenges, not least of which was a round of twelve questions on the news in 2016, one question for each month! Other rounds were on the cinema, Dorset and others all designed to challenge the participants, with the emphasis on fun, rather than winning. .

The cash bar, raffle and the event created £598 (held at the Brownsword Hall) of which £530 goes to Home Start and the remainder for international Rotary charities (The Rotary Foundation). The pictures show questionmaster Ed working hard!