Tony Callister Mayor 2017-2018 Barrow in Furness

Wed 18th October 2017 at 18.30 - 20.00

President Gordon greets Mayor Tony Callister
A Talk to the Rotary Club of Furness by Tony Callister, the Mayor of Barrow-in-Furness
Tony said how privileged he was to be talking to the Rotary Club of Furness and also to represent Barrow-in-Furness and it’s community.
Tony was adopted at 3 weeks by a Barrow Family and had a very proper upbringing by his mother and father who had a business in the town. He thinks he inherited his work ethic from them.
After attending St Pauls Junior School and Thorncliffe Secondary School , he trained as a sheet metal worker in the Shipyard, then became a fire fighter, spending some of his time as a probationer  at Halls Undertakers.
Tony said that he was now in his last year as a fire fighter and had already served 29 years.
During this time he also served as a shop steward in the Fire Fighters Union.
His other passion, apart from his enthusiasm for Barrow, is Football. He is a coach for the Lancashire FA and trains Football Coaches!. He is also the Head of the Football Academy at Barrow AFC, who help bring talented youngsters into the world of professional football.
At a meeting, 18 years ago, he met Dave Pidduck and his interest in local politics was stimulated. He stood for North Walney and was elected as a Labour Councillor.
Tony emphasised however that his party politics came secondary to his love of Barrow and his respect for and cooperation with other councillors, whatever their political persuasion. He said that his sole aim was getting the best for Barrow.
As his role as Mayor of Barrow, he loves showing schoolchildren the Town Hall and also the workings of politics. To get the children’s attention and interest, this can involve controversial subjects and decisions, usually put to a vote. I cannot say more , in case this is taken up by the press if they see this article.
Tony explained , finally that his Home Town is Barrow-in-Furness, he is working very hard to promote the Town generally and he only has the interest of the Town at heart
After fielding a few questions, Tony was thanked by President Gordon Turner and all members responded warmly