24th May 2017 - International visitors

Not just one, but two overseas visiting Rotarian's on the same night!

Rotarians Knowles McGill from Sioux Outlook and Balaji Babu from Coimbatore Downtown exchange banners with our own Nigel Wunsch

Having not had any overseas Rotarians at our meetings for several years we were delighted to welcome two on the same night - one from India and one from Canada!

First of all we had Knowles McGill from the wonderfully named Rotary Club of Sioux Outlook in NW Ontario. Knowles was hoildaying in Scotland and luckily for us he was staying in the Kings Park Hotel where we meet. Our second visitor was Balaji Babu from the Rotary Club of Coimbatore Downtown in Southern India. Balaji was attending a work related conference in Glasgow and had travelled across the city to come to our meeting and share Rotary fellowship.

There was some very interesting converstation round the dinner table as we compared similarities and differences between all three clubs and our home towns.  Sioux Outlook has a population of just over 5 000 and the Rotary club was chartered in 1942, whereas Coimbatore is a city of over 1 600 000 and the Downtown club was chartered in 2012 so it's a very new club.  It was fascinating to hear about the different projects the two clubs were involved in and it was a wonderful reminder of how Rotary really does make a difference!

Many thanks to both Knowles and Balaji for taking the time to come to our meeting and we send greetings back to all the members of their respective clubs.

If anyone would like to find out more about either club here is the links to their webpages.