Club Trip to Delft 2017

Tue 18th April 2017 - Fri 21st April 2017

Misbourne Matins visit to Delft

MISBOURNE MATINS ROTARIANS crossed the channel this month to join fellow Rotarians from the club of Delft Vermeer in the Netherlands. Their hosts took them around Rotterdam, and the world famous 364 year old Royal Delft Pottery of which Dutch Rotarian Henk Schouten is chief executive. The photo depicts Misbourne Matins rotarians with Henk and another rotary colleague, in front of a spectacular ceramic scene (The Night Watch), each tile for which is unique in design. 


Canal trips around beautiful and historic Delft city were followed by a visit to Keukenhof described as the most beautiful spring garden in the world with millions of tulips on display. The group completed their tour of the Netherlands with a visit to Amsterdam.

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