Bassenthwaite School Playground Restoration

Playground restoration supported by Bassenthwaite Rotary Club and a Grant from the Rotary District 1190 Flood Fund

 During the Floods in December 2015, Bassenthwaite Primary School grounds and a storage room (including stored contents) were flooded and damaged.

 The storage area contained a range of craft materials and resources, these were all ruined by water ingress, and had to be thrown away.  The outside area affected was the small play area, set out as a small nature garden (measuring 10.5m by 7m.) The flooding contaminated the ground, fences and washed away gravel etc. 

Bassenthwaite Rotary Club assisted the school in the specification of the work to the contractor and arranged to clear the site using Rotary club members. The Rotary club provided over 80 manhours of labour, and transport of materials and through use of local village contacts arranged for the stones, concrete and rubble to be used as hardcore in a local project, and all the timber from fencing etc to be used as firewood by village residents. This avoided the costs for the hire of skips and the disposal of the waste.

The Playground was Completed early in 2017, and the Grand opening was conducted on 15th February 2017, the opening ceremony was performed by Rtn Lizzie Johnson, with representation from other Bassenthwaite Rotary members, and Rotary District Governor Malcolm Baldwin and IPDG Arthur Jones

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