New Defibrillator

New defibrillator at Central Hall, Alice Street

Another defibrillator in Keighley

Funded by money raised by Immediate Past President Don Bickerton's sponsored walk along the canal from Leeds to Keighley, and a District Grant from The Rotary Foundation, Keighley Rotary Club is proud to have provided another defibrillator in the centre of the town.

It is installed just outside the entrance to Central Hall in Alice Street. There are gates on the railings, but the gates are not locked at night so the defibrillator will always be accessible.

Remember: to use the defibrillator, you need to phone 999, ask for Ambulance and tell them what has happened and where you are. If appropriate, they will give you the access code for the defibrillator and will stay on the line while you use it. The defibrillator will "talk you through" the entire process, and there is no risk of accidental shock.

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