President Ed's Inaugural Speech

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Past President Ian – On behalf of the club members - I thank for your year in office as the 28th President of the Rotary Club of West Fife.

As you have detailed in your valedictory address our club has had a seriously busy year on both the social and fund raising fronts and without your leadership we would not have successfully achieved the targets and goals that you set at your club assembly.

Your leadership and stewardship has made a difference to our club and the successful accomplishment of your many initiatives has set a standard which will not be easy to follow or better.

Your strong personality, enthusiasm, energy, commitment and sometimes humour has led our club through a year which has not been without its difficulties but your positive attitude and guidance to the members and especially the convenors has resulted in the many excellent  and successful social and fundraising events of the past twelve months.


Rotary is continuing to go through a period of change and we must all adapt if this organisation is to continue to be as relevant in the future as it has been in the past and your stewardship for the past year has exemplified the positive attitude required to be enacted by all members of Rotary.

I know that your commitment to the presidency could not have been accomplished without the encouragement and support of Jennifer and I on behalf of the membership of our club thank her and request that you please convey our appreciation for all the help she has been in assisting you to execute your presidential duties.

Now that you are returning to the back benches I hope and trust that you will reflect on your presidential year and realise how successful you have been in not only leading this club but by your example also encouraging members - like myself – to take a more active part.

As a momento of your year in office – I am delighted to present you with your Past President’s Jewel which I am sure you will wear with honour and pride and may I on behalf of the club thank you again for all your hard work and effort during the past year and wish you and Jennifer every good wish for the future.

I have thoroughly enjoyed being your Senior Vice President and I have certainly benefited from your support and advice through this preparatory year prior to taken over the presidency of this club.

Fellow Rotarians –my convenors and I have detailed our proposals for the coming year at the club assembly and may I reiterate my thanks for the honour and privilege that you have given me by electing me as President of this club. I will endeavour to do my best and uphold the high standards set by the previous presidents.

 I know that I can count upon your support and together we will implement and prove the Rotary International theme for the year ahead that “Rotary Shares".

Ed's Club Assembly Address