Purple 4 Polio

Sat 29th October 2016 at 11.00 - 12.00

Bulb planting in Low Valleyfield and other local schools.

In conjunction with Low Valleyfield community council it was agreed to plant crocuses in Low Valleyfield. Many more bulbs have been planted in the local schools. See the many photographs taken as a result of this initiative.

It is hoped that our club will ensure that this is one of the significant outcomes of the Community Committee’s efforts will be not only to educate the children and to raise awareness of the “End Polio Now” Programme but to encourage each of the Schools to raise some “Pounds for Polio” which the Rotary Club of West Fife could then in turn donate to the End Polio now fund to defeat this disease.

Really big thank you to all the Rotarians who took part in last Saturday’s (29 October) crocus bulb planting just outside Newmills on the road to Valleyfield which was part of the Purple 4 Polio raising of public awareness and raising funds worldwide for the eradication of polio.  Huge thank you to Ewan and Aileen and the Community Committee, without their imagination, organisation, hard work and excellent public relations this may never have got off the ground.  Check out the club’s Facebook page for photographs of the event and the newspapers, Courier and Press. Big, big thank you!! 

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