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President Derek Walker writes about the value of Rotary

THE Rotary Club of Cowdenbeath has been quite a silent but confident partner in the community of Cowdenbeath for more than 90 years. Silent but very influential.

That is the opinion of current Rotary president Derek Walker.

He said: "It’s so silent at times that you could be forgiven for thinking that Rotary is some kind of secret society, but let’s be clear, it’s not. In fact there are over 1.2 million Rotarians (members) in 35,000 clubs all over the world. Rotarians are just ordinary people that choose to join a club that helps others in their community and internationally too.

"So why do we not know more about Rotary? I think the main reason for this is that all rotarians agree to a Rotary moto which is, “Service Above Self”. You won’t find many rotarians shouting about the good they and their club does because it’s pretty much a selfless group of people that care more about others than shouting about themselves. "However if you look around your community you will see the impact of Rotary everywhere. Standing at your local railway station you might spot a small plaque saying that the flowers were planted by Rotarians.

"You may have seen stewards helping at your local children’s Gala, chances are that they were rotarians. You may also catch a glimpse of a rotarian collecting for good causes at your local supermarket or you may get invited to an event that has been organised by rotarians to raise funds for local or international causes".

Added Derek: "Rotarians work closely with local primary and secondary schools organising fun learning experiences. Internationally The Rotary Club of Cowdenbeath raises funds to contribute to a worldwide fund to help eradicate Polio. Rotarians have helped immunise more than 2.5 billion children against polio in 122 countries. We have purchases Shelter Boxes that get sent to disaster sites around the world to help offer shelter to those suffering. There really is no end to the good work that Rotarians do.

"Rotarians are very much in your community and we are looking for more like minded people to join us. Do you think you have the skills and talents to become a Rotarian?

"We are looking for people that care about doing good and that want to make a positive difference. The Rotary Club of Cowdenbeath is a rare club because it only meets every two weeks, most other Rotary Clubs meet every week.

"We meet at Wee Jimmies right in the heart of our community at 6.30pm for an hour or so. We have a meal together, we sometimes have a guest speaker and we organise ways to raise funds for good causes. It’s a mixed bunch of people too, but we all get on well in our pursuit of helping others. Do you think you have what it takes to be a rotarian? Do you have time to make a difference in your community? Do you want to help others? If so we want to hear from you." Call Derek on 07860 933 832.

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