Community Chest Initiative



 Funds are to be made available to support local community projects.

 The Currie Balerno Rotary Club has set aside within the current year’s budget provision to assist modest local projects which offer benefit to the local community. We call it our Community Chest and it is the initiative of President Robert Menzies at the start of his year in office.

 “I want us to be and be seen as being committed to our local community. I want us to build on the contribution we already make locally and to strengthen our links within the community. Our Club does such a lot both locally and internationally but it is the local people who support us and enable us to achieve so much and it is important that we support local people in return. Our Community Chest is a way of doing just that.”

 So the Rotary Club invites local organisations or groups – schools, social clubs, sports clubs etc – to apply for support. The criteria are straightforward.

 Applications are invited from organisations or groups but not from individuals;

the projects must be new, clearly defined and quite separate from operational or running costs or from projects already in place;

the projects must be of benefit to the local community and this benefit must be spelled out in the applications.

 If you want to know more about this proposal or about how to apply, contact us at

 Just a word of caution. The Community Chest does not have unlimited resources – but we want to see these resources spread across as many projects as possible.

 An application form can be downloaded below

Community Chest Application Form.rtf