2007 FTSE Week 11 Results

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Here are the results for week 11 of our little competition. FTSE week 11.pdf

With Jennifer Grieve's 1st place looking more assured the race for 2nd and 3rd is hotting up. Bob Buchan of the Kirkcaldy Club has leapfrogged Brian Still to take 2nd place with a new name appearing at spot number 4 [Joan Watson]. She has made a prodigious jump from number 12 and has 2nd or 3rd in her sights.

The FTSE 100 has rebounded with some gusto gaining over 200 points to finish the week at 6339. Which is, 119 points ahead of the competition's starting value. We now have 39 competitors showing a gain in excess of the market which is an excellent performance.

Only one week remaining. Oil price at it's highest level this year after 15 British navy personnel were seized by Iranian forces. Will there be another twist in the tail!?

Next week, being the final week, my report will not be sent out until Sunday in order that I may:-