Greengate Junior School help us with Purple 4 Polio

The Gardening Club help with planting crocus bulbs

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The Rotary International Foundation (Rotary’s own Charity) has to raise £3 billion to eradicate Polio worldwide by 2018.
Polio is a very dangerous viral disease causing paralysis and death, usually in children under 5, and it only costs 40p to protect a child from Polio using an oral vaccine.
In 1985 350,000 people were struck with polio and due to the Rotary Foundation Polio Eradication Programme (costing £6 billion), cases last year were only 223 worldwide!
Purple4Polio includes a crocus planting programme, as well as fund raising events, organised by the Rotary Clubs of Great Britain and Ireland to publicise the vaccination programme and 6 million crocus are to be planted
The Rotary Club of Furness has today, 23rd of November, sponsored Greengate Junior School to plant 3000crocus in their School Garden and in a green area of the playground on the corner of Greengate street and Rawlinson street. The children will each get a certificate and in spring a beautiful display of purple crocus will erupt.
The School is going to donate the money raised from their Non-Uniform Day to Rotary Foundation’s Purple4Polio Fund.
Purple has been chosen for the publicity campaign as each vaccinated child has a finger dipped in purple ink to show they have been vaccinated.
In February next year, the Rotary Club of Furness Peninsula are to display an Iron Lung in Barrow Town Centre and with the help of the Rotary Club of Furness, you will be able to donate to this worthy cause.
You are able to donate online at and click on ‘use our online payment option’
Every pound you donate to this cause is increased to £3 by the bill and Belinda Gates Foundation who will add £2 to every £1 donated.