Technology Tournament

Each year, our club organises a Technology Tournament in a local secondary school, for teams of young people to compete in meeting a technical challenge devised by SETPOINT (see below).

We ran the 2017, 4 Clubs Technology Tournament on Thursday 16 November 2017 at the Priory School, Bedford Road, Hitchin.

There were 13 teams taking part from 4 local schools; Hitchin Boys School, Hitchin Girls School, St Christopher School from Letchworth, and The Priory School from Hitchin.

The Pipeline Project involved clearing debris from a pipeline and had 3 levels of complexity, the Foundation level aimed at Key Stage 3 (ages 11-14), the Intermediate level aimed at Key Stage 4 (ages 15-16), and the Advanced level aimed at Key Stage 5 (ages 16+).

Students were required to work in teams of 4 and were assessed on
   1. Planning and teamwork
   2. Design Analysis
   3. Design Development
   4. Realisation (making skills, appropriate use of materials)
   5. The project portfolio
   6. Success at the testing stage

Winners of the Foundation level were Hitchin Girls , with runners up also St Christopher

Winners of the Intermediate level were Priory, with runners up Hitchin Boys

Winners of the Advanced level were HItchin Girls, with runners up Hitchin Boys.

Each member of the teams received a Certificate of Achievement for their individual portfolio and judging by the responses from the student feedback forms, they found the day challenging, exciting, and thoroughly enjoyable.


SETPOINT is an educational charity whose aim is to inspire young people about Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM).  They achieve this by engaging young people in memorable experiences and by enriching their lives through exposure to impressive people who work in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.


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