Nov 2016 Dinner and Global Scholar presentations

Mon 28th November 2016 at 17.45 - 20.00

Parker and Surer talked to us. Speaker Host - Alan Franklin, General Host -John Williams, Cashier - Vicky Burman.

Our meeting today was a meal followed by a talk by 2 of this years Global Scholars that will be hosted by the club over the next 3 terms.  We welcome them and hope their year will be as successfuul as they deserve !.

Parker Lawson - Host Burman - reading Modern European History - sponsored by the RC Louisville, Kentucky, USA.  Parker won the toss and started the evening off to a fine start.  His current focus is on the history of conflict in Spain, what prevents cohesion in the country and what might help in the future.

He explained that the country is composed of at least 3 areas which speak very different dialects and have very different identities and economic viability.  The recent anniversary of Franco has shown just how strongly certain areas still mourn his demise, while others see him as a bloodthirsty dictator.  Work must be done to reconcile these very varied aspirations and hopes for the future.

Surer Mohamed - Host Paul Dover - reading International Relations - sponsored by RC Michigan, Ontario, Canada. Surer impressed us with her discussion of the Somalia situation.  Her parents are originally from Somalia and worked in Italy. Unable to return because of the conflict they emigrated to Canada where she was brought up. 

She explained that Somalia is a very clan based culture.  Each clan has its own territory and the concept of a unified country with a neutral capital is alien to their historical view of the world.  Until this shifts it is very difficult to see a peaceful way forward.  The great majority are Sunni Muslims and everyone shares a respect for Sharia Law which may help unify in the future.  Her thesis focusses on the idea that Justice is different from every perspective and how to offer a system of law and regulation that everyone will respect and support.

All the very best to our Scholars !

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