Club Assembly June 2006

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Senior Vice President Ian Grieve introduced the plans for the next Rotary year.

Assistant Governor David, President Ken, fellow Rotarians welcome to the West Fife Club Assembly for Rotary Year 2006/7.

Standing here tonight I am following in the footsteps of 26 Past Presidents and one incumbent President and am very conscious of what they have achieved with the support of the members over the last 27 years. They have brought great distinction to the club in many areas, made the name, West Fife known in the District and through the efforts of everyone a tremendous amount of good has been done locally, nationally and internationally, I recognise the honour that has been bestowed on me by being elected President for next year and I seek your support to continue and expand if possible the successful formula of the past 27 years.

Our club is now a very mature club and I believe that with the recent infusion of new and younger members, building on the past, the club has an opportunity to move forward by harnessing their talents and enthusiasm, this in no way implies any criticism of the past it is just a fact of life, but a rare opportunity that should not be missed.

I will be honest and say that I don’t have a great knowledge of Rotary and all its workings despite being a Rotarian for 25 years but I am not to proud to seek advice from those who do have this knowledge, I am certain that if everyone works together as a team we will have a good year. I would also say that I will have an open door policy, if you are not happy with something tell me don’t gripe in the background. I am not a joke teller so please bear that in mind perhaps I should appoint a Club Jester to help keep us all amused.

The Club Presidents role is – To establish a Vision and Direction – To Lead Inspire and Motivate – Involvement and Communication are essential, to that end at each alternate Fellowship night starting in August following the meal we will break up into our committees ( Please note that all committees have official VC`s) for them to discuss and plan their on going issues and events, on the other nights we will on occasion bring forward issues for debate that will potentially affect the club in the future. This way everyone will know what is happening and I am certain with everyone`s support the club will achieve even greater things than in the past.

As you already know the Rotary strap line, Service above Self has been changed to Humanity in Motion and this years RI President Bill Boyd’s theme is Lead the Way through fellow ship and service, to a brighter future reflecting the belief in the power of Rotarians to change the world together.

As part of Bill Boyd’s plans he would like to see +1 new member that would take us to our half century. He would like to see a higher percentage of Rotary Member retention and strengthening of our Clubs. He would like us to encourage family involvement through e.g. Barbecues, Picnics and other related activities.

He would like us to support Rotary Foundation so that it stays strong.

He believes in Continuity starting with the basics of water, health, hunger and literacy.

The Rotary RIBI President Peter Offer will be visiting our District on 9th and 10th August and the Carnegie Club locally, more details later.

RIBI`s preferred charities for 2006/7 will be Institute of Cancer Research – Barnardos – Wheelchair Foundation – Impact but we must keep in mind our local charities.

My Vision for the Club and theme for this year is –

That We Make a Difference.

A Club that all the members can be proud off, and is recognised by the local and wider community for Making a Difference and enhancing Rotary’s public image.

To achieve this objective, it requires being Happy, Interesting, Working, and Fund Raising with plenty of Fun and Fellowship, if we have all of that everything will fall into place.

To achieve all of this we will need to have a big project to get our teeth into, we will have to set a SMART target, I would like with your agreement to consider supporting Hearing Dogs for the Deaf – CHAS -Maggie Centre - Aberlour Trust, plus the proposals from the respective committees.

Together we will Lead the Way and show what the meaning, Humanity in Motion is all about and, we will Make a Difference.

Without further delay allow me to introduce to you the Club Officers and committee Convenors with their plans for next year.

Immediate Past President –Ken Richards, It should be a well deserved rest for him but being a glutton for punishment and our major recruiter he will be supporting Douglas Scott on the Public Relations and Membership Development committee.

Senior Vice President – Eddie Scott is responsible for Club Service in effect he represents the non main committees or activities at Council meetings- Sport ( Eric Spreng) – Attendance(Charlie Watson) – IT Environmental (Sandy Paton) – Child & Vulnerable Adult (Derrick Marks) – Archives(John Haywood)- Health & Safety (Willie Halcrow & Stuart Nicol)

Junior Vice President – Neil Spriddle is responsible for House and therefore liases with the hotel, so if your chips are cold tell him.

Secretary – Roger Templeton, as you know this role is always the engine room of the club, Roger will work closely with me and keep you all informed, he needs everyone`s support.

Treasurer – George Primrose, he will manage our funds and various budgets ensuring that we meet all our commitments and obligations, he also needs everyone`s support.

A number of other areas that make the club tick along are the Wine Draw that will again be run by Cliff Mackenzie supported by Tom Pettigrew, Douglas Reid will run the Club shop and Stephanie will continue with the Grace.

Programme – Alastair Durkie, supported by Allan Prentice as VC with Robin Grant and David Bruce.-------Alastair

Fund Raising – John Stirling, supported by Jack Pryde as VC with Alan Farquarson, Robert Haig, Allan Prentice, Adam Winski, Dave Riddell, Peter Bell, Gerry McMullan and George Primrose.------- John

Community Service – Bert Sinclair, supported by Robert Haig as VC with Alex Imrie and Graham Watson.-----Bert

International – Bob Partridge supported by Andrew Flinn as VC Jack Pryde,Willie Halcrow and Alec Evan Wong------- Willie.

Vocational & Youth – Andy McComish supported by Alan Farquarson as VC Andy Hepburn and Donald Mackay. ----Andy

Rotary Foundation – Stephanie Blackden supported by Ken Davison as VC Tom Pettigrew and Brian Merrett.-----Stephanie

Entertainment – Greig Hill supported by Ian Borland as VC and Andrew Gillies.------ Greig

Sports – Eric Spreng supported by David Moyes----- Eric

Public Relations & Membership Development – Douglas Scott supported by Ian Harper as VC Adam Winski, Ken Richards, Ken Mackay, Cliff Mackenzie, Stuart Nicoll and Matt Macvicars.------- Douglas

Fellow Rotarians I am sure that you will agree we are going to have a busy and enjoyable year Lets Make a Difference----Assistant Governor David -------