Plans for 2006-07

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For the forthcoming year our master plan as outlined to Club Assembly on 6th June 2006 is below but I should mention that there are one or two innovative events for our club which will need full (ie: maximum) support from all members of the club in order to guarantee success.

My approach in running the committee is one of delegation and co-operation.  Each event will have a nominated ‘Driver’ and Depute.  They will be responsible for the planning and execution of their event.

The committee in full will meet periodically to consolidate and help out where necessary. 


  1. There has been considerable discussion regarding a ‘cinema’ event which is being driven by Gerry McMullan and is on-going.  Due to the nature of this event it is difficult to predict dates etc and therefore I see this as a ‘floater’ which can be held at any time during the year.  Therefore it remains on the master plan as a fund raising event and will take place at some stage.
  2. In November (tentatively Friday 24th) we are intending to hold a ‘Quiz Night’.  Robert Haig is the ‘driver’ and Jack Pryde is the Depute.  They will be assisted by Stephanie Blackden who has brought this idea from her previous club at which it was a huge success.
  3. During February it is intended to hold a ‘Burns Celebration’ evening.  This would take the form of a ‘Speakers Dinner’ but would include special ‘Burn’s’ activities along with possibility of dance/entertainment.
  4. Finally, in May we will continue with the AMAM Golf Classic which, although we were disappointed in the number of teams this year, remains a good fund raising event.

The above is our submitted list as it stands today.  It is in no way set in concrete nor is it exclusive.  Any new ideas for fundraising are always very welcome and will be thoroughly discussed in committee.

I look forward to the forthcoming year in which I am sure your Committee will meet all of the requirements for fund raising and more.  However, I stress (again) that we can only do this with the full co-operation and support of EVERY member of our Club.

John Stirling