South- East Asia Tsunami

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Club`s reaction to Disaster Relief

At the meeting on Tuesday 4th January the members present heard of the actions being taken by RIBI/RI and the recommendations made for action by individual clubs. Apart from cash donations the recommendation is for action on shelter and drinking water provision.

The club`s main International contribution this year was to Shelterbox and WaterAid. Members were pleased to hear that consignments of Shelterboxes had already gone to Sri Lanka and India. The contribution to WaterAid will no doubt be of benefit in the longer term as the affected areas begin to restore local infrastructure.

In terms of an immediate response from the club, members agreed that we send an Aquabox 30. This water storage and treatment device can provide up to 33 tonnes of safe drinking water. It was further agreed that we do this from our personal resources and not by diverting funds from other commitments. These decisions were subsequently ratified by Council.

Council further decided that the £250 necessary be raised by a request to members for donations of £6.50 each, or more if members so wish. Should more than £250 be raised then it will go towards another Aquabox or Shelterbox, ( a Shelterbox costs £490).

In the meantime Council authorised Willie Halcrow to order and pay for the Aquabox. This has been done. Please give or send your cheque to the Treasurer, payable to the Rotary Club of West Fife. George will re-imburse Willie in due course.

Club Council will be considering what further action is necessary to assist in the relief operation as the situation develops.