Concluding Report on 2003 Matching Grant

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From Rtn. Anamul Hoque Bhuiyan, project contact, RID 3280 in Bangladesh

Project Data

Sponsor Club: District: Rotary Club of West Fife, RID 1010

Co-sponsor: Rotary Club of Bhairab, Bangladesh, RID 3280

Project Location: Bhairab, Kishoregonj, Bangladesh

Project cost Taka 491,724 equivalent of US$8,478

Total expenditure is Tk 492,808. The additional amount of Tk 1,084 was arranged locally.

Project Accomplishments:

The project helped to provide school furniture to the primary schools. This will develop classroom teaching process for the children. The project will substantially encourage improved classroom conditions for the community. Thus the project created wide publicity and will help to ensure quality education for local children.

Rotarian Involvement

PDG Emdad Ul Haq, Rtn. Anamul Haq Bhuiyan, Shamsuzzman Bachu and other rotarians were directly involved for the smooth completion of the project. The local leaders, teachers, guardians met the Rotarians and extended gratitude to the Rotary Foundation, especially the guardians of students expressed their feelings to provide such teaching materials. We also acknowledge the support of the Rotarians of the Rotary Club of West Fife. Brian Merrett, project contact from the Rotary Club of West Fife kept encouraging us for the smooth completion of the project.

Project Publicity

The Rotary logo was used in all furniture, which will remain as permanent recognition of Rotary International. Besides local people, students and teachers are concerned about the Rotary contribution. It created a greater public awareness of Rotary.

How the money was spent:
White Board @Tk. 613        total 35  21,455
Book Shelf @Tk. 4,730        total 35 165,550
Tables & Chairs @ Tk. 4,057   total 35 141,995
Sitting Benches @Tk. 4,225  total 35 147,875
Transporation   15,933