Sponsored Walk Sunday 11th June 2006

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It is the intention of the fundraising committee to hold a sponsored walk at 10am on Sunday, 11th June 2006 beginning at Kinghorn, traversing along, and enjoying the delights of, the picturesque `Coastal Path` to North Queensferry, resplendent with views of puffins, seals and Granton`s gasometer.

There is thereafter the intention of descending en masse on a local hostelry to compare the experiences of the rigours of our trek over a small libation - hopefully on the same day as we set off. Re transportation arrangements, carriages may be left at North Queensferry, and trains boarded bound for Kinghorn (currently, one leaves North Queensferry at 09:34 arriving at three minutes to the hour in Kinghorn, but do check that nearer the date of the walk), or you may wish to organise transport with the help of friends or relativesor indeed, `buddy-up` with another club member to share cars.

It is proposed that every member of the club pledge £25, and these funds can be accrued in a variety of ways -

1) you print off the attached sponsor form and persuade at least 12.5Nr generous people to give you £2, or 25Nr less generous to give you £1 and then righteously stride out and enjoy the 13 miles exercise and company.

1A) do the same in Pitlochry in a circular route from Faskally Caravan Park, on a route to be agreed by the caravaners.
[Tying a length of rope , approx. 2.53 miles long, to a post secured at a point within the caravan site, walking in a straight line away from the post until the line is taut, turning 90 degrees and walking 8 miles keeping the line taut in a 50% arc of the circle, then making your way back along the line of the rope will ensure covering the requisite 13 miles round trip and a safe return to base.]

2) you persuade some gullible soul to undertake the walk for you (preferably an attractive female, but that`s just a personal view since I`ll be in their company), and have them garner at least £25 of sponsorship.

3) as (1) above, plus you press-gang a plethora of acquaintances and/or strangers to undertake the walk along with yourself and charge them with getting their own sponsorship to swell the coffers.

4) you write out a cheque for £25.  The choice is yours!!!!!!!!!!

 I`d like to say we`ll be joined on the walk by Nell MacAndrew, Sharon Stone, and the Corrs................I`d like to say that, but........ Anyway, I look forward to seeing you all on the day, resplendent in your walking gear, sporrans neatly pressed, pockets full of porridge for the road, with a hiking song in your heart..........then again, preferably your larynx, or we`ll never hear it! regards Greig Hill

P.S.. You will see from the leaflet that there is www.fifecoastalpath.com should you wish to investigate further.