Annie Roy-Barker.

Mon 12th September 2016 at 18.15 - 19.30

Annie Roy-Barker. District Community Chair, ComVoc Ramblings

An exciting Wheels Relay Challenge is proposed, involving RIBI and Wheelpower, which will create an opportunity for major, national publicity for Rotary. The Challenge involves getting a sports wheelchair from the RIBI Conference in Manchester, April 2017, to the InterSpinal Unit games at Stoke Mandeville, using as many modes of transport as possible. RIBI has already assembled a project team to plan the route and foster links with key players in wheelchair sport.

Please lookout for updates, more exciting news and how your club may participate in The Wheels Relay Challenge.

And there's more ..... Rotary Tea Drinkers Can Make A Real Difference

Wheelchair Foundation UK is working in conjunction with the Yorkshire Tea Company to provide wheelchairs worldwide - and particularly in the developing world - for those who genuinely need a wheelchair and cannot afford to buy one.

Rotarians are asked to save the bar codes from packs of Yorkshire Tea and send them to Deborah and Stephen Axtell, Rotary Club of Oxford Spires, who have kindly offered to coordinate the project.

80 teabags = 1 credit

160 teabags = 2 credit

240 teabags = 3 credit

For every 10 credits, the Yorkshire Tea Company will donate £1 to the Wheelchair Foundation. Every £75 donated buys and delivers one new wheelchair.