District 1190's RotaKids Conference 2016

Precis of the event and photos.


According to the Registration Secretary for the Rotary International District 1190‘s “RotaKids Conference 2016” which was held at Lancaster University Conference Centre on Friday 17thJune 2016, our district 1190, “has more RotaKids Clubs than any other district in the country and probably in the world". This year’s event was the 4th such District 1190 Annual RotaKids Conference and included several “workshops” including the “Children’s Hospice” movement.

Mind you, locally, of the 6 schools in the Cartmel Peninsular, at this moment in time, we have only one RotaKids Club which is at the Grange C of E Primary School but we are hopeful that one or two of the other schools will start a KidsClub of their own in due course.

The photographs presented here were provided by one of the organisers and at the time of writing this, I have no information to go with the photos, other than the those which show our Rotarian Ken Thompson, with children from Grange. I display them to give you an impression of the magnitude and importance of these clubs and events in the development of our young people.

If you were at the event and would like to add some comment to this, please let me know. The children are the future and we must support them as much as we can.

John Kaye.