What does a Rotary Club do?

Rotary Clubs work to improve their own community and support local projects, but belonging to Rotary International gives members the opportunity to visit clubs and projects at home and abroad, network with other Rotarians, and make a real difference.

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During the year we provide Shelter Boxes to those homeless from natural disasters overseas and support our own homeless locally;  we sponsor local students for courses and run competitions for schools locally - we also donate to The Rotary Foundation which works on much larger projects, donating to educational grants worldwide and continuing our 30 year support of the End Polio Now campaign,which it is hoped will fulfil it's work within the next year or two.

We also support (usually smaller) charities both at home and abroad - and to do this we organize fundraising events throughout the year.  

Rotary is about

  • Community involvement
  • Hands-on practical projects
  • Organising fundraising events
  • Global connections
  • Working as a team and having fun.