Kidney Donation

Wed 13th July 2016 at 13.50 - 14.00

Kate Douglas explains the need for kidney donation

Kate Douglas gave an inspiring talk on live kidney donation to members at the Rotary club lunch held in the Scores Hotel on Wednesday 12 July.

A donor herself, Kate said that the aim of her talk was to raise awareness of the possibility of a live person donating in an altruistic or non- directive way to someone unknown. Such an action brings a real feeling of achievement.

This course of action is worth considering as sudden death donations are dropping at the same time as demand is increasing owing to the increase in diabetes and obesity. There are currently around 5700 people in the UK on the waiting list for a transplant and 300 of these can expect to die this year in need of a kidney. This is unnecessary when most of us have two healthy kidneys, yet only need one. Kidneys from living donors generally work better, last longer and the operation can be planned in advance which is of benefit to the recipient but also the surgical teams and medical staff. Plus a successful transplant can save the NHS around £20,000 a year over keeping a patient on dialysis. Visit the for further information

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