Assembly Report 2016

Proposals for Rotary Year commencing 1 July 2016

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International and Foundation.

This has been both a busy and quiet year for this area of the Club's work.

Busy, as a great deal has been happening and quiet, as much of it has been happening thousands of miles away.

The work of this committee will continue in a similar vein this coming year.

1)We will move into year two of our District Grant supported project in Malawi. Year one has been successful but has been plagued by climatic conditions. Early in the project flooding presented problems for the country. This was closely followed by a severe drought. Times are hard in Malawi in a way that we cannot really comprehend.  Our team on the ground, supported by the Rotary Club of Limbe will continue to both monitor progress and push the project forward. Part of the monitoring process will be to feed back data to our Club which allied with Skype calls allows us to be as involved as possible. President Alex visited at an early stage and consideration will be given as to how best to assess need and meet it in the future.

2)Consideration will be given in the coming Rotary year as to whether we want to move into a further phase of development of this project. This could be in conjunction with other Clubs or as part of a further District or other RIBI Grant application. Once consideration of this has been taken forward a report will be submitted to both Council and all members.

3)We will continue to monitor other District Grant possibilities out with the above project.

4)We will continue to support Aqua Box and Shelter Tent as we are never far away from yet another humanitarian disaster. Terrorism, war, hunger, flooding or earthquake are ever present threats to our fellow human beings and Rotary should be there to help in whatever way it can.

5)We hope to arrange a small number of fundraising and awareness raising events such as the Curry Lunch. This has proved difficult in a busy calendar.

6)Consideration will be given to promoting " purple pinkie" links with local schools to promote both the work of Rotary and the " end polio " campaign

Rotary is an international organisation, with our Club based in a local area. It therefore falls on us to continue both our local and international work.

Donald MacKay

Stephanie Blackden

Alex Evan Wong.

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