Club Assembly June 2016

Vision for Rotary year commencing 1 July 2016

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         Ewan Archibald – Committee Chairman

Rotary Club of West Fife – Club Assembly 14th June 2016

Community & Vocational Services Committee 2016 – 2017

President Elect Dave and fellow members - your Community & Vocational Committee comprise as follows: -

Chairman - Ewan Archibald, Deputy Barry Walters.

Committee - Fraser Greenwood, Sandy Paton, Alan Farquharson, Robert Haig, Douglas Scott, Stephanie Blackden, Roger Templeton, John Stirling, Jeremy Spurgeon, Brian Mitchell, Helen Fowler, Aileen North, Robin Park.


The goals and objectives for Community & Vocational Service in 2016 - 2017 are firstly to continue doing the good work of our club. 

The mainstays of Rotary Community Service, helps Rotarians to plan and undertake projects that will help to improve the lives of people of all ages, abilities and diverse needs in our local communities. Amongst the many regular local and national projects undertaken, these include - improving the local environment, raising awareness of health issues, and participating in local community events.

Our committee will meet as we develop our plans, diarising current projects and committing to those.  We will also consider what other events we can get involved with, and enlist champions for any new activity – from within our committee and the wider club.

There is a definite connection between Community & Vocational Service and the other departments of our club – my hope is for even greater collaboration within our club, and other organisations.

Moving forward it is essential to understand what it is we do, and why we do it.  This implies we need feedback from our projects – find out what works, or what does not work.  This approach means we can evaluate and then progress with improvement when planning for future events.

The team will take forward a number of current projects, which include the following : -

Kids Out

Beach Clean Up

Remembrance Day Poppy Wreath Laying

Children’s Galas

Stroke Awareness Day

Support Fife Festival of Music

Support Fife Young Carers

Community Suppers

Vocational (Mock Interviews)

New Project

The aim is to look at something completely different - a project which gives the Rotary Club of West Fife a true community connection.  Collaboration with existing and or new local clubs and organisations - working in even greater partnership with the local community.

The ‘Community Team’ assets are our people and budget.  Therefore to complete a successful year of community projects we require the team and members to give their maximum support - while using our budget wisely to successfully complete our programme. 

With our enthusiasm and fun, we will try and show real ‘Community Spirit’.

Rotary Serving Humanity

Ewan Archibald

27th May 2016