Torryburn Beach Clean Up 2016

As can be seen from the photograph an excellent job was carried out despite the inclement weather conditions

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Maybe one explanation why the majority of Rotary Beach Cleaners at Torryburn on Sunday 12th June  were new members  .............. newer members are more  bendy!!!

Jeremy certainly wasn't very bendy due to a sore back  but Martin, Robert and Aileen, Fraser, Keith, Brian, Dave, Robin P and Ewan were all bending to pick up rubbish (apologies for missing anyone else). Neil was late but made up  by finding a particularly large juicy carpet ?!  

NB: Please note the words on the sign in the photo below which says it all !!! ......... “ This area is cleared of litter by Fife Community Offenders Payback scheme !!”


Stephanie provided  hot tea and  short bread was far nicer than “ bread and water” for the Offenders  .

Many thanks to all who came along to help

Stuart Nicol subsequently received the undernoted letter from

Susan Donald, Secretary of the Torryburn & Newmills Community Council

“I am writing to you on behalf of Torryburn & Newmills Community Council to that you and your fellow Rotarians for the splendid help in our beach clean-up in June.

Forgive the message taking so long to be delivered, I am afraid I was on holiday then there were no more community council meetings!

Your help was minuted at the next meeting with our appreciation that Stephanie Blackden had arranged it.

The Fife Riviera, Torryburn Beach is not, but it is an area adored by the people who live here and many visitors who stop and walk.  Years ago that walk could be rather disgusting with some of the debris lying on the beach and those walkers owe you a big thank you too.  Just a shame none of them seem to turn up and help to maintain it!.”