OUT MEETING - Barrow's NEW Police Station

Wed 29th March 2017 at 18.00 - 20.00

Last night 20 of us, rotarians and guests visited out new police station and were given a conducted tour after signing in and aquiring visitor passes.

We saw the entire building and were impressed by the atrium in the centre of the building with curving rsg reaching into the heavens.

We saw the reporting room where all of the constables and CSO's produce their reports. No paper notebooks now but nifty mobile phone which also double up as camera and tablet. Frank found a policeman's helmet and could not resist trying it on !

We went through an enormous locker room and then a store full of travel bags which all the staff have in case of public order problems, all contain their body armour helmets etc.

Then into the cells, there was one for each of us if we cared to stay. The custody constable showed us where their customers arrive, vehicles drive into a covered yard via in and out security doors. Then through a short secure corridor into the custody suite where they are greeted by the custody team. New customers have DNA swabs and their dabs taken (all electronic now, no ink pads in sight), known customers being simply logged in. After allocation of cells, they are fed and watered they can eat and drink as much as they desire at any time of day or night. The custody suite has a series of private rooms for customers to be either interviewed or to consult with their legal representative. Also are rooms for medical examination and for forensic examination.

Alan Pears leant against one of the walls and against a blue horizontal bar, which promptly set off an alarm which resulted in all of the pc's in the building rushing through to the custody suite !! Plonker !!

After completing our visit, PN Colin gathered everyone together to formally thank our two PCSO guides after which we left to have supper at the Custom House.

There we had the usual problem, of everyone forgetting what they had ordered.but fortunately Graham McArthur had the list and took money off us as we trooped into the dining room. After a great meal and chit chat PN Colin again had a few words, this time to thank the Club Service Team (Dave and Ken) for organising the visit and for Graham McA keeping us all in check.