Shelter Box

Southport Meols Rotary are always looking for new ways to help support Shelterbox, we are very proud of the support we give at The Southport Flower Show every year.

September 2017 we were very kindly donated £600 from a Friend of Southport Meols Rotary who had seen the work of Shelterbox on TV, she knew we are supporters of Shelterbox and gave us a cheque to make the donation to the disaster fund.

All our members were saddened by the recent news of earthquakes and hurricanes that we also made a donation of £800 to be sent to where it was needed to most.

5th August 2017 Rotarian David Hartley absailed down the Liverpool Cathedral all in aid of Shelterbox, David raised over £500 in his leep of Faith, Congratulatins David you did absolutley amazing.

November 2016 a Friend of Southport Meols Rotary very kindly gifted us the money to buy a shelter box after hearing our member Stan Rimmer give a talk about them and how they can help people at very difficult times in their lives.                                                         

With the proceeds of our Lancashire night in October 2016 we raised enough money to buy and donate another Shelterbox.   

Our donation to shelter box of £1180.00 in May 2016 has provided support to families made homeless by the recent earthquake disaster in Ecuador.

Our donation bought 2 Shelter boxes.
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