2019 Primary School Quiz

The Kiltearn Primary School Team. Winners of the Dingwall Club Final and the Area 1(N Scotland) Final

Primary Schools Quiz 2019:

 On 12 February we held the Club Final at the Legion Hall. Nine schools took part and everyone, teams and supporters, contributed to a lively, fun evening. The nine schools were: Avoch, Bridgend, Culcbokie, Dingwall Kiltearn, Marybank, Munlochy, Resolis, and Tore. It was a a keenly fought contest and, as usual, everyone was impressed with the depth of knowledge exhibited by the young panellists. There can, however, be only one winner and top of the form, and winners for this year were the competitors from Kiltearn Primary School with Dingwall Primary running them a close second.

Kiltearn, thereforewas the Club's representative at the Northern Area Final (Area 1) which was held on the 9th March; again at the Legion Hall. Four schools took part, Kiltern Dornoch, Portree and ?? The other three schools represented the Rotary Clubs of East Sutherland, Portree and District and Tain. It was another close contest, but Kiltearn rose to the challenge to win by a narrow margin. They will now represent, not only our own Dingwall  Club, but all 10 clubs within Area 1, at the N Scotland Final in Aberdeen on 18th May. The winners will then progress to the  'All Scotland' Final on 22 June at Stirling.

We must thank the Legion in Dingwall for providing a magnificent venue to host both of the Finals.

 The Quiz involves 10 rounds of 6 questions in each round. You may be interested in trying some of the questions for yourselves:

Sample questions:

Is the moon made of green cheese? 

Why did the chicken cross thr road?

Can waves rock as well as roll?


  1. In Greek mythology, what is the name of the creature that was part man, part horse?
  2. In which sport are the terms, 'eagle' and 'birdie' used?
  3. Who sings 'No Tears Left To Cry'?
  4.  Where in the world would you find the Atlas Mountains?
  5. How manymember states comprise the Europeam Union (including the UK)? 
  6. What is the name of the person in the House of Commons who acts as chairman in debates and generally keeps order? 




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