The Rotary Club of the Deepings

Stroke Awareness Day 2016


We had a wet start but then happily the weather improved.

A total of 93 people had their BP measured – of these

66 required no further action,

26 were advised to have a routine follow up with their GP in the next month,

1 was advised to seek an urgent appointment with their GP

and no one was sent to Hospital.

Many Thanks go to a lot of people….

Chris Knight from the Baptist Church and Chris Hayes for

the loan of their caravans.

To Mike, Amrit and Sue for masterminding the event and

doing all the running around

To Mike and Jenny for helping to set up and start us off

and to the Rotarian volunteers who helped to persuade

people that they really did want their BP measuring.

This day could not happen if we did not have the nurses to

take the BPs and advise people. This year two of the

nurses dropped out and another nurse Sally who usually

helps was away celebrating a birthday. This meant that I

had to ask the 4 nurses available if they would do an extra

hour and without hesitation they all agreed to do this.

Due to the unexpected collapse of Carl, Trish could not do her shift.

But, Elaine worked like a Trojan so special thanks to her.