Forth Crossing / Membership Event

Tue 19th April 2016 at 18.30 - 19.30

The Club will be addressed by Ewen Macdonell

Ewan Macdonell's  talk was a testimony of Engineering skill of breath taking proportions, especially the view from the top crane tower!! The logistical nightmare of re-routing access roads is sometimes overlooked as we drive past the busy works. The structural engineering calculations allow a bend of 3 metres at the top of the concrete tower when lifting five  thousand tons of new road sections  from the river barge below!!   .......... Huge thanks are conveyed for a humorous and lucid presentation by Ewan.

There then followed the Membership event thoughtfully arranged by Robert Haig and team. The delivery of the “Walk the Rotary path” message was fairly slick, including a professional standard video by Robert. It was particularly interesting to hear  impressions  of our club from a new  member –  Mark Todd. Dave Riddell (VP)  spoke of enduring friendships made in the club. Neil  Spriddle described the numerous good Youth and Community projects which we run. Donald MacKay described our innovative Solar village project with Malawi women. A dynamic and active club was well portrayed and the guests  (Grace Strachen, Ken Cowe, John Mac Callum, Robert and Eileen North and Anne Brodie Allan seemed enthused by  a great production!!!

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