Santa in Whiteley 2015

Santa and his helpers will be visiting Whiteley again this year He will be touring the streets as shown in following timetable

Santa touring Whiteley Click on picture to see timetable
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Sleigh Routes in Whiteley December 2015

Father Christmas will be touring Whiteley in his sleigh again this year on the evenings of 8th, 10thand 11th of December. The routes he will be travelling are detailed below.

 Sleigh route for Tuesday 8th December

Father Christmas will leave the Doctors Surgery in Yew Tree Drive at 6.30pm.

Driving North into Sweet Hill Crescent passing:

Carmargue Crescent   at 6.45pm then onto

Oldenberg   at 7.00pm

Turner Close at 7.15pm

Turning in Dickens Drive at 7.40 pm

From Sweet hill Crescent Father Christmas will travel into Rattigan Gardens about 8.00pm then

Christie Avenue at 8.15pm

His final appearance will be in Buchan Avenue at 8.30pm.

 Sleigh Route Thursday 10th December

Father Christmas will leave the Doctors Surgery in Yew Tree Drive at 6.30pm.

He will drive South into Clydesdale Drive at 6.45pm then he will travel along

Suffolk Drive into Hispano Avenue, arriving at 7.15pm.

He will continue through to Java Drive then Mustang Avenue 8.00pm.

 The last sighting of Father Christmas will be in Clydesdale Drive near the Yew Tree drive junction at 8.15pm.

 Sleigh Route Friday11th December

 Father Christmas will leave the Tesco Car Park at 6.30pm travelling along

Blue Bell Way to Thyme Avenue for 6.45pm. 

 He will travel slowly down Thyme Avenue arriving at Saffron Way about 7.15pm turning left into Marjoram Way 7.30pm  passing Coriander, Rosemary and Angelica  

Last sight of Santa will be at the Meadowside Leisure Centre 8.15pm.

  All times are approximate; unfortunately Father Christmas will not be able to visit Whiteley if it is raining as he doesn’t like his beard getting wet.

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