The Rotary Foundation is a world wide charity whose aim is to support the efforts of Rotary International in its mission to achieve worldwide understanding and peace through local and national humanitarian, educational and cultural support programmes.

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Visit the website of End Polio Now for an  update on the elimination of polio throughout the world, and of the part that Rotary has played in that achievement.
Visit the Rotary Foundation website for more information on its Mission and achievements.
Members (only) can use this form to become Foundation "Sustaining Members" and donate to Foundation on a regular monthly basis.

During the forthcoming Rotary Year the Foundation Committee aims to build on the very good work undertaken in the past within the Club on Foundation.   In particular, it wants to continue collecting for Rotary Foundation and making the Foundation even better known within the Club and its friends.  To this end a formal presentation and discussion on The Rotary Foundation (TRF) and its work will be held early in the Rotary Year.
The Committee’s main aims for the coming year are:
  • To highlight the fundamental role of Foundation within Rotary.
  • To increase the number of Sustaining Members in the Club.
  • To raise at least £3,000 towards TRF throughout the year.  This will be done by the following events:
    • Running a Quiz Night on Saturday 14th January 2017 with the proceeds going to TRF.  Anticipated income £900.
    • Holding regular quizzes whenever we have a Business Meeting.  Anticipated income £300.
    • Organising Fellowship Dinner Parties – see below.  Anticipated income £350.
    • Provide a Christmas Card Board for members, with contribution being limited to £15.  Details of subscribing Members will be clearly displayed on the Board and will also be circulated via email to all Members.  Anticipated income £300.
    • Circulate the Foundation Box at all meetings.  Anticipated income £1,100. 
    • Run a Tea Party in late May/early June 2016.  Anticipated Income £100.
    The Committee will try to become involved in District Foundation activities such as Group Study Exchange, etc if at all possible.

    The Rotary Foundation is Rotary's own charity
    The Rotary Foundation should be considered before others. For where else is it possible to support a cause of your own choosing where your money is spent, with no deductions, wherever and whenever you wish? Even on a need you personally may have spotted when you were away on holiday? And you can be assured work on the project will be overseen by fellow Rotarians – usually experts in the field.

    The Rotary Foundation – there’s just nothing like it. For the cost of collecting money is zero. The cost of finding the projects is zero. The cost of overseeing the projects is zero. All considerable expenses with most charities, often as much as 40% to 50%. Why doesn’t our charity incur these costs? Because we are all volunteers. We work for nothing.

    The Rotary Foundation – there’s just nothing like it. For every penny we give is used exactly where it is needed.

    Mike Fink
    Foundation Service Chair


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