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Antique & Art Fair

Art Exhibitor Information

The Aylsham Rotary Fair and Art exhibition which raises money for various charities, is held annually and consists of a Saturday ticket only open evening and general public access on Sunday.  Approximately 150 people attend the Saturday open evening from 6 - 8pm where they enjoy canapés and wine can look around the fair and Art exhibition and purchase if they choose.  They are also offered the opportunity to take part in an Antiques Trail competition where they can win a £100.00 voucher to spend at the fair on Antiques. 

In order to keep your cost down we do not include you in the complimentary glass of wine and nibbles which are offered to the antiques traders on open evening and who receive 2 maximum glasses of wine and some nibbles per table and which may be different to those provided to ticket holders who have paid to attend as Rotary guest and your customers.

If you wish to partake in wine and nibbles we ask that you purchase open evening tickets the cost is £8.00 each ticket. 

Tickets for the preview evening cost £8.00.

The fair is open to the public on Sunday between 10.00am and 4.00pm and we have found that 500 -600 people attend for a small entrance charge.

Refreshments are available throughout the day.

As a local artist you are cordially invited to exhibit.

One board 8ft. X 4ft can be hired for £12 each.

Two boards arranged so that they are facing one another with a wall space and a table to form a private area and will cost £24.00 plus £1.00 per table and 2 chairs - total £25.00

Two boards measuring 8ft x 4ft arranged side by side can be hired for £24.00.

Browser Space can be booked for £5.00

Please note that if you are booking a board you can also bring a browser at no extra cost.

Hanging is by a simple hook system and artists would be responsible for their own hanging on the Saturday afternoon from 3pm. Any unsold art must be collected promptly at 4pm when the exhibition closes.

Artists must provide a list of the work that they are hanging, with prices, to the organiser on the day that they hang.

Artists must label their own work on their boards.

Prints and cards of originals may also be sold and these must be labelled, priced and lists given to the organiser on the day.

Artist are free to attend all or some of the time that the exhibition is open.

15% commission on each sale will be retained for Rotary Charities:  

Please note, in a change from previous years, sales payment will be made direct to your bank account so can we ask that you provide your bank details when you book.

If you wish to exhibit please use the 'Donate' Button and enter your requirments in the 'Purpose' block.

or contact

Rachel Farrow

2 Meeting House Cottages, Mundesley Road, Swafield, North Walsham, NR28 0RF.

E mail:

Tel: 01692 406526

Looking forward to seeing you and your art Rachel Farrow