About Our Club

Our members enjoy an active social programme and the opportunity to help others. The Rotary Club encourages service to the community both locally and internationally.

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The Club normally maintains a membership of around 35 to 40. Currently, nearly a third of the members are women, the Club having elected to move to dual gender membership some years ago.

Fellowship is the keystone of Rotary and hence weekly meetings (on a Monday evening) are the focus of our activities. Members attend regularly and share a meal. This is followed by a short presentation from a speaker most weeks. Once a month we hold a business meeting after the meal to ensure our activities on fund raising and our various avenues of service are on track. Several times a year we hold guest dining evenings when members invite partners or friends to join them. 

Our main fundraising events over the year are:-

  • Chislehurst Fireworks
  • Santa Sleigh street collection
  • Summer Fair on Chislehurst Common (a community fundraising event for other local voluntary groups & worthy causes)

We normally raise at least £20,000 each year with our efforts (see the Events and Funds page for more detail on this).

We support the 'Friends of Rotary' initiative and currently have thirteen 'Friends', as well as three Honorary Members.

Chislehurst Rotary Club was founded in 1967 as the Daughter club of Sidcup Rotary Club, by our Founder President, the late Len Cross.

Membership of the Club is by invitation only, generally to those who live or work in Chislehurst or an adjacent community.  We are multicultural and non-denominational. If you think you may be the sort of person who could both contribute to and benefit from Rotary membership, please contact us to arrange for a number of visits to the Club as our guest so that we may explore this further.

If you are in the 18-30 age range and not yet at the level of professional achievement where you would expect to be considered for membership of a Rotary club, but would like to get involved in Rotary activities on a regular basis, you may wish to consider Rotaract. Contact Bromley Rotaract to get more information.

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