Journey start for the Shoe Boxes

Each year Whiteley Rotary combines with Whiteley Schools to create Shoe Boxes of gifts for children in other parts of the World

Whiteley School Shoe Boxes loaded to start there journey
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Each year Whiteley Rotary and the Whiteley Schools combine to make Shoe Boxes for sending to under privileged  children in other areas of the world.

Shoe boxes are filled by the children with toys, soap, socks, books and puzzels. the shoe boxes are wrapped in present paper by the kids and identified which age group the contents are aimed at.

A £1 coin is sellotaped to the box to pay for the transport to the relevant country. It is the power of rotary's abiltiy to collect such volumes of boxes that enables the shipment costs to be maintained at such a low price.

At the end of October Whiteley Rotary will collect all the shoe boxes together and pack into large carrier boxes which will be transported to Southampton Docks where they will join together will all the other boxes from around the county. They will all then be put into containers to be shipped to the designated countries in time for Xmas.

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