Monmouth Rotary Club Draw

An Annual Draw supporting Monmouth Charities

After a very successful Draw in 2017 which raised nearly £8,000 for local charities the Rotary Club of Monmouth is running its third annual draw with the intent of raising funds for charities active in Monmouth. Our concept is that the club will provide the organisation and prizes, apply for Lottery Licence etc. Our partners will sell the tickets and keep the proceeds from the sale: So if you sell 500 tickets you will raise £500 for your funds.

The Monmouth Rotary Club Draw (MRCD) is open to non profit organisations providing a service in our community; community halls, school friends, charities, etc. The club reserves the right to determine eligibility. 

The schedule is

20/01/2018         Confirmation that you intend to participate in the Draw

31/01/2018         Distribution of Draw tickets (from Royal Oak)

13/06/2018         Receive extra tickets if required

22/08/2018         Return counterfoils and unsold tickets (to Royal Oak)

02/09/2018         Final Draw - at Raft Race

The MRCD will have prizes of £250, £150 and £75

If you would like to register your interest in this initiative please contact Bob Handley, Terry Ing or Kathy Lowther of the Monmouth Rotary Club at or click on the contact form below

The intent is that the charities selling the tickets will retain all funds realised from sale of the tickets, the Rotary Club of Monmouth will not require any payment from charities for organising the MRCD. The benefit to our Club is in providing a service to smaller non profit ortganisations active in Monmouth and the surrounding area

(ALL fields required)