Speaker Ms Phil Oldfield

Tue 20th October 2015 at 18.30 -

Aberdour Festival

The Club was treated to an inspirational presentation at  last night's meeting, it was provided by  the current Chair Philomena Oldfield. Although widely travelled Phil has been a resident of Aberdour  for 19 years, has recently served as Festival committee member and is now Chair.

Phil gave a fascinating summary of how the Festival, now in it's 33rd year, evolved from more humble origins with a handful of activities and events to the major, virtually international event, it is today.   ("Possibly the best small festival in Scotland") The programme runs to over 30 pages with events and activities covering such a remarkable range that it was only possible to mention a few.....sandcastles, classical performances, seven a side football, flamenco dancing....the list goes on!  It has become so big that a company is now being created to handle such a complex operation in an appropriately professional manner.

Although major international performers feature in the 10 day event held at the end of July first week in August (prior to the Edinburgh Festival) Phil stressed the importance of local affordable access with particular emphasis on children and local hands on involvement and support by the community.

This, plus innovative enthusiasm, has been at the core of the Festival's  continuing success.

Despite this  there were a few Club members who were unaware of the scale of the Festival, however the presentation provided the eye opening experience to correct this. More details are to be found on the website  aberdourfestival.org

An inspiration to us all ?Thanks to Robin Grant for superb report.

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