Looks after major charity causes

FOUNDATION – POLIO PLUS. Last week there was one World Polio Virus 1 case reported in Afghanistan. On 16 of June 2015 Rotary donated a sum of $40.3 million to the World Health Organisation (WHO) and United Nations International Children's Emergency Funds (UNICEF) for the eradication of Polio through immunisation, surveillance and research activities in 10 countries. The funding commitment comes at a critical time as Nigeria – the last polio-endemic country in Africa – approaches one-year since its last case of polio, which occurred in Kano State on 24 July, 2014. If the current progress continues, WHO may remove Nigeria from the list of polioendemic countries as early as September. In addition to the notable progress in Nigeria, no new cases of polio have been reported anywhere in Africa since August 2014.

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