Youth Services Report to Club Assembly 2015

Activities proposed in Rotary year 2015/16

new generations
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Rotary Club of West Fife - New Generations Committee report for Club Assembly 2015 

The committee will comprise of myself, Ewan, Ian Grieve and Robin Park.

We hope to have a varied programme for the upcoming year, trying to build on the work that we have done in year 2014-15.

In total, there are 13 Rotary-run Youth Service activities available for us to engage in with the local community and we will endeavour to do as much as we can.

In this respect, similarly to last year, I will be contacting our designated local High School, Woodmill, with whom we have now had an excellent relationship for a number of years and will offer to visit the school to go through all of the available activities to determine if there is likely to be interest in any of these.

We would however propose not to restrict contact to the High School and will attempt to contact other local youth organisations, for example local scout groups, and also the local Primary Schools as appropriate.

We again intend to support next summer’s RYLA camps and depending on the interest shown by prospective candidates, we will have provision for sending a candidate to both boys and girls camps.

We will also continue to support the Primary School Quiz, hoping to at least maintain or improve upon this year’s level of entries from local schools.

There has been little interest in the formation of an Interact Club at Woodmill, as it is seen to be similar in content to current school activities, but out of the available activities, we are keen to support Young Citizen Awards, a Euroscola candidate, and the Youth Speaks and Young Writer competitions. This content of our programme may of course change once we speak to the local Schools and other organisations.

We look forward to a hopefully busy year and will work within our allocated overall budget of £2000 to cover our activities for the year, including an allowance for as yet undetermined requests for assistance which may crop up from the local community, as has been the case this year.

Neil Spriddle