Communications Report for Club Assembly 2015

Intentions in Rotary Year 2015/16 to enhance the Club's profile

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‘Communications Committee’ – Marketing, Public Relations, Web Site.

Club Assembly

It’s more of the same and to ‘Adopt, Adapt and Improve’!!

Aims will be –

  • Enhance the Club web site by it carrying more up to date relevant information but more importantly this is all about enhancing internal and external communications (reciprocal links) and encouraging site visits by club members and ‘joe public’!

  • Test drive the advantages of joining Face Book!

  • to publicise fundraising events in order to maximise income

  • to report timeously on fundraising outcomes and charitable donations

  • submit weekly reports to the media where speakers address meetings

  • to raise the profile of Rotary in the community in a myriad of ways (use of village Notice Boards/Shop windows/adopt a round-a-bout/Rotary awareness days/coffee mornings/assist in the Village garden projects/ presence at Village galas/fairs with suitable visible acknowledgements) and use these initiatives to present a clearer picture of our aims and achievements.

  • Meet with media personnel to ensure we can maintain and improve the good  press ( Press/Freebies/ Courier/Village newsletters) coverage

If these initiatives can be implemented i.e. create awareness in our communities, there is no doubt it will have a positive effect in persuading new member to join us!