Held on 3rd Monday of the month at John Simpsons house & allows us to report to the Club on the following Tuesday of each month. Other committees convene when necessary followed by a report to Club Council.

Club Council to be held at John Simpsons house at Stonecutters Island starting at 7 pm usually on the third Monday of every month and sometimes Tuesday ( please check)


Mon 8th Jan        Club Council

Mon  12 th Feb.   Club Council

Mon  5th March.  Club Council

Mon 9 th April.      Club Council

Mon 14th May      Club Council

Mon.  4th June.    Club Council

Wed  18th July.    Club Coucil for New Rotary Year 

Mon 20th August.  Club Council

Mon 17th Sept.      Club Council

Tuesday 16th Oct.  Club Council

Mon.    19th Nov.    Club Council

Mon.      Dec.          TBA

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