Proposals 2015 - 2016

Proposals 2015 - 2016

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Steve Best

Proposals 2015- 2016

First of all the Committee wants to place on record the huge contribution made by Chris Moseley in his time as Chair of the Committee, much appreciated by the Committee members and the Club.

The Committee will focus on the following ongoing initiatives:-

  (i) Mbale Water Project--this has proved to be a frustrating experience as regards the length of time to bring this most worthwhile project to fruition, despite the considerable efforts of Chris Moseley and others to move it along. The project application has formally been submitted to RI and a lengthy response received requiring amendments to the application and further information to be supplied, some from our end and some via the Mbale Club as principal owner of the project.  This will be followed up as expeditiously as possible to provide an updated and hopefully final application submission for approval

(ii) Microfinancing--this recently implemented project is in a trial stage, using the medium of the KIVA organisation to access a number of small financing projects in third world countries to support.  The Club has assigned $200 to invest of which $150 has been invested in six projects and $50 remains to be applied.  We are now receiving repayment income from the invested projects which will add to the sum available. Steve Best will take over the administration of this initiative via a club based web site access.  He will provide the Committee with recommendations for fresh investment of the original capital and the Committee will decide.  Should the Club receive a recommendation from the Committee to increase the capital applied to KIVA then a presentation of options will be made to a Club meeting regarding investment decisions. The initiative is a trial and the cashflow will be carefully monitored as will the size and justification of administration charges applied to borrowers.

(iii) School In A Bag--this project has started with Club donations and on 24th June the Club will spend time packing bags under the supervision of a representative of the charity.  The Committee believes that this is a worthy scheme and would want to continue it, and where possible get involved with the purchase and packing of the contents.

(iv)  Vision Aid Overseas-  Given the long association of the Committee with the collection of spectacles for refurbishing (which has now been discontinued), the Committee remains interested in the issue of vision improvement in third world countries and will further investigate the opportunities through Vision Aid Overseas.

(v)  Fundraising--the Committee has reserved two events as follows:-

*Halloween Murder Mystery Evening--Lisvane Memorial Hall has been booked for  30th October and Rosemary Bentley is in the process of putting together an evening format

*International Quiz--Lisvane Memorial Hall booked for Friday 29th January.  Steve Best will organise.

During the year, the Committee will look to add one further initiative preferably involving hands on contribution by Club members.