Last of the Summer Wine with Jim Macgregor

Wed 16th September 2015 at 12.50 - 14.00

Jim gave an illustrated talk on the Rotary Walking Group

Jimmy Macgregor, the Honourable Secretary of The Rotary walking group gave an energetic talk on the successes he and his group have enjoyed over a number of  years roaming different parts of Scotland both near and far.

 Although the group has a veneer of democracy (every member takes it in turn to organise the route and the walk), this veneer is sometimes questionable as the final decision is cast by the Hon Sec  who in addition to this, has the responsibility for a number of onerous tasks – more later.

The Hon Sec's presentation included a number of formidable photographs which had been taken by the number one official photographer of the walking group, a Mr Dennis Hopper.

 A non exhaustive list of places visited and walks walked included Glen Lednock, the North Sea trail, north of Arbroath, St Abbs Head on the Borders Coastal path, historic Edinburgh, Rassay, the Isle of Skye, the Fife Circle,  (Lochgelly's answer to Stone Henge) as well as the Trossachs and Loch Katrine in Central Scotland.

 A certain amount of tactical training is required before embarking on a number of the walks, for example the Hon Sec  conducts the art of crossing a barbed wire fence as he is responsible for the stringent health and safety requirements of the group.  Although covered by personal accident insurance it is not clear whether incorrect manoeuvres resulting in torn breeks and possibly the loss of vital body parts are covered in the fine print.

 As the age of the group increases, the length of the walks decrease which has proven very beneficial as there is more time for “apres walk'.  The presentation included a number of carefully constructed photographs capturing this (the number one photographer feels somewhat insecure as he has number two and number three photographers snapping at his heels)  examples of which portray the enjoyment and camaraderie of a well refreshed group and on another occasion the consumption of a birthday cake (the production of the correct number of candles is yet another example of the broad ranging responsibilities of the Hon Sec).

 With age and ever increasing responsibilities the Hon Sec was tempted to suggest that his lot was not a happy one but ended his presentation on the happy and positive note that there are a number of very capable assistant Hon Secs who can't wait to be promoted!

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